We all have three days where we will be posting so make sure you keep track of all of us.  Of course this is my blog so here are the three of my co-host blogs. 

Jayne: http://booking-awesome.blogspot.com/ 
Sarah: http://yabookaholic123.blogspot.com/
Charlotte: http://www.bookmarksandblogging.blogspot.com/

As you can see from above this starts the 20th-31st. Some of the challenges that will last through the whole Read-A-Thon which will give you plenty of time to complete them and such.  
1. Read a total of 2,000 pages
2. Reread a favorite of 2014
3. Set Your Own Challenge, like read a book with a red cover or read 20 books. You can be as cautious or ambitious as you like.

More on of my goals and what I want to complete will be put on here soon. This of course is a perfect time for you to tell me how your 2014 Reading Challenge is going. This is a perfect thing to get your challenge finish. I may or may not be doing something special. More information on that will soon to come. So besides all there is so much going on games and my give away for 5 copies see the post below. Here is the list of the games and so on below. 
December 20th- Simply your TBR for the read-a-thon
December 21st- Color the Rainbow…. this is where get book covers from your shelves and make a rainbow
December 22nd- Spell it out…. spell any Wintery or Christmas words with the books you have read this year
December 23rd- Psychic or Not…. try to predict what will happen next in the book you are currently reading
December 24th- Movie Marathon- pick your top 5 books that you think would make awesome movies
December 25th- Winter Wonderland…. create a Wintery scene with either natural materials or things inside that are associate with the season and display the book that you are currently reading
December 26th- Tell Me A Story…. use book titles and author names to create a mini story
December 27th- Building Blocks….. build a structure out of your books
December 28th- Scavenger Hunt…. find items from the covers of your TBR for the read-a-thon or from the covers of the books that you have read so far
December 29th- Shake it up…. reenact or recreate your favorite book cover
December 30th- 2015 Most Anticipated…. list your top ten most anticipated books of 2015
December 31st-
 2014 Gems…. list your top ten favorite books of 2014

Look up on the calender to find which blog to stay tune for each day. Not only that we will be having Reading Sprints on Twitter @Read Endof2014. Like I said before please stay in tune for what we have going on. Comment on any of the blogs that I listed if you are  participating in this. Make video about it or leave link to your blog. Spread the word about this.


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