Day # 5 Movie Marathon Challenge

I’m still behind on posting my challenges for this and reviews such. Hopefully over Christmas I will be able to catch up on everything. So don’t worry about please check out my giveaway on my blog. So any who today’s challenge you name the top 5 books on that you think would make a good movies.  My first pick is my number one pick.


This is a series of course I couldn’t just pick one of them. Mara Dyer Trilogy is my number one pick this would be a excellent movie or t.v show I don’t care which. If you haven’t read this series go find and read it. This is a great page Turner series. It’s very creepy but amazing. I love it. Can’t give this series enough praise.  To add it too goodreads click the link below.


I haven’t finished this book yet but I love it so far and this world is so good. An excellent dystopian it kind of reminded me of The Host but it’s so different. I love it so far.


So if I’m correct the Legend is in production but I haven’t heard much about it but this would most likely work more for a television series but it’s a movie. So many things happen in this series and with a tv series it will be able to get the point of views in.


This is the a wonderful series that I love so far. Everything about is amazing it has you from the very beginning. This is a high pact fantasy series. It has a very good heroine who is amazing and kick butt. I love how there is no insta love at first it take time for her to get with the guy.

That’d actually more than 5 books hope you enjoy.


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