Random Ramblings #1 Ghostwriters

A major discussion going is about Ghostwriters. This all started when Zoella a youtuber published her first book Girl Online. This book was written by a ghostwriter. I don’t know exactly how much is written by a ghostwriter or her, but a lot of people didn’t like this. I am so mad at these people who go bashing people who use ghostwriters.  Then bashed Zoella for not mentioning the ghostwriter in the book or the fact she didn’t say anything about using one.  First off the WHOLE point of the ghostwriter is not to be known or mention hence the word ghost. I think its wrong for people to judge her for using a ghostwriter because there are a tons of other authors who use ghostwriters. Then people want to get mad at her for paying the ghostwriter not enough money for helping her out with the book. When you use a  ghostwriter or you are one there is no way for you to tell if the book is going to be a success or not.  You agree to the amount of money up front. If the book is a success then you did a good job. But asking for money is rude because you agreed to amount of money up front. Ugh people these days make me so upset about things.


This is just one of the many topics that people make me mad at about.  During these ramblings I will be expressing how I feel about random things that don’t matter. I will also will be doing a section on book ramblings.




One thought on “Random Ramblings #1 Ghostwriters

  1. Up until recently, I did not know that ghostwriters even existed. I understand why they use them and I agree that people should not hate or demand to know who it is or that he/she get more paid.
    Still, I felt kind of disappointed when I found out that this happens. Mainly because I felt like I couldn’t know who had actually written the books that I read, and that I might be giving praise to the wrong person.
    I do, however, approve of ghostwriting as a matter of practicing and building up courage to publish your own work for new and not yet published authors. 🙂

    What a great post! I am a new follower to your blog.

    Cucie @ Cucie reads


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