Reading Slump 101

I’m in somewhat of a reading slump mostly because I haven’t had much time to read or do anything but school work.  So I’m going to teach you how to get out of these awful things known as reading slumps.  Lets get started.

  1. First thing is first we all have a giant TBR list some bigger than others. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by our reading goals and TBRs forcing us into a reading slump. There is only one way to stop it. Knock those books down to nothing. You don’t have to worry about this reading is for fun and not who can read the most books in a year.  Whatever you do don’t force yourself to read a book. Most likely you will end up hating the book then giving a poor review. Don’t do that.
  2. Next reread a favorite book or a short picture book. Looking back your favorite or even your childhood favorite book.  Its always fun to read books that you loved from the past. This is the one of the best way to get out of the funks.
  3.   Do something else other than reading books. Get your minds off the books for awhile. Just relax and have time away from book. Books aren’t everything we do have lives outside of books.


           4.  Now that you have broke up with the books your going to be missing them the bad. Us book lovers have                         separation issues with the books. This is a sign that your reading slump is over and done with. Now you                         have  to get back together with them.  Time to read and read. But remember take your time reading and do                   it for fun.


2 thoughts on “Reading Slump 101

  1. I always do #2 when I’m in a reading slump … Currently am in one, but I can’t really read a favourite right now because I have NO time. I blame school and work :/


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