Most Anticipated Movies/T.V shows of 2015

I think a lot of people have a their list of shows or movies that they are so excited for.  I decided to do my list. And there is a lot of them on here so bare with me. I either want to see the movie or t.v show. Or they are already on and haven’t come back on yet. I will do a separate one for t.v shows I want to start watching.  Lets start with movies.

I love Cinderella its my favorite Disney Princess.  This is on the top of my list I’m so exciting. Its coming out March 13 like it says on the photo.

  This is my second movie that I’m so excited for I can’t wait to watch Insurgent. Divergent trilogy is one of my favorite series. I have hopes for this movie. Nothing can tell you how happy I am for this.

I didn’t really like the first movie but I’m hoping this movie will redeem itself. I’m not sure though. I love horror movies so a lot of those that I really want to see will be on here.   I love the cover of the movie poster and the title. There will be  new characters and such but still having The Woman in Black in this.

Minions a movie for the MINIONS!!! Thats all I have to say about that.

I want to read this book  since I want to read this. I’m excited about this movie and book and I haven’t really heard much things about it but it looks good and sweet cuties romance plus probably hitting on some serious things. I have no  what  its about. But I guess that leaves tons of mystery for me.

I’m really enjoy these romance movies by Nicolas Sparks. I’m so happy for this. It looks like a good movie and I don’t know much about it. 

OMG I’m so excited for this movie. I can’t wait for this movie. Pitch Perfect was the a great movie and I will be doing movie review of that.  All I know about this movie is that they lost touch what was important and they go to this boot camp. Other than that I don’t know what is going to go happen. Anyways a must see movie.

Okay I guess I listed a lot of movies. I know there is tons of more but I can’t list them all. This gives you a little into my taste of movies I like.  Now time for television shows that I can’t wait for. These are ones that are new and ones where I can’t wait for to come back on.  This list is a lot shorter than the one for movies but a lot of tv shows that I haven’t started yet but I want to. Which is a different post..


I watch the first episode as I was writing this post and will be doing a review of this show and my thoughts and if you should watch it. I know this may seem childish but I love Disney Shows and shows like these so deal with it.

I started watching this show December 1st and I watch all the way until the very last episode. And boy do I love this show. I may do a review on this show comment below if you want me to do or not. I’m so excited for the new episodes. I’m also glad this was renewed for a new a season. Amazing show Daemon and Eleana.


This is my all time favorite show. The mid-season finale wasn’t a big cliffhanger though it did leave some of my ships gone. You all know what I’m talking about. If you don’t then you are so behind on tv world. Anyways I love this show. I can’t wait March 1st is to far along. I need it now.

I’m so excited for this show to come. They finally got together and I’m so happy. You all know what was happening and you all know who I am talking about.

I can’t wait for a new Disney Channel t.v show. I love Disney Channel shows and this looks amazing.

This is a wrap up comment below one what movies and television shows are you excited for? Also comment below on things you want to see post. Reviews, tags, etc. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Movies/T.V shows of 2015

  1. Wow! 😀 I’m really excited for a lot of these movies and tv shows too! Especially Insurgent, The Duff and Pitch Perfect 2. But I really need to catch up on the latest episodes from Once Upon A Time! 😛


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