A Glance At My Life

Hi wonderful bloggers,reader,followers, or whatever you guys want to be called. I wanted to let you guys in on why I haven’t been posting much and whats happening in the month of April. The biggest thing is that I started blogging in 1 year ago in April on my blogger blog. Then I moved to WordPress. Even WordPress isn’t the easiest blogging website out there I have gotten used to using it and I enjoy it. I didn’t really expect having tons of followers since I move blogging websites. I did expect to make some blogging friends because you read blogs on how great the blogging community is and how they welcome you with and how many great friends they have. And here I am waiting for the day when someone wants to be blogging friends. Besides that I’m really happy that I started blogging and I hope to keep on doing it until the day I die.

This month is going to be really busy because I have tons of school I need to catch up on. I’m cyber schooled so basically I can do it at my own pace. Not only that  I have a huge TBR at around 22 books which isn’t big because I can read more than that but I busy. I have also have to do physical therapy because I sprained my ankle badly for 6 weeks three times a week. Plus I have to go back to work soon and I have no clue if my ankle is going to better by then.  So I’m worried.

On the plus side of things I have some major super secretive ideas coming up soon. I’m gradually working on. So watch out on those because you don’t want to miss.

—– Cheyenne


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