April TBR + April Challenges

This month I have a huge TBR and I will be keeping to it unlike most months. To admit I haven’t read much as I hoped this year. I’m going to start with my challenges this month. I’m hoping to get around 25 books in this month to bring me up to 55 books. I’m also doing a review copy challenge and this will be getting me in the mode to read all my review copies.

  1. The Naturals
  2. Paper or Plastic
  3. Kissing Ted (and Other Guys)
  4. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
  5. Soul Crossed
  6. Southern Fried Wicca
  7. As Red As Blood
  8. As White As Snow
  9. Soul Crossed
  10. Where the Road Takes Me
  11. The Truth About Jack
  12. Jump Start My Heart
  13. Heart of Onyx
  14. More Than This
  15. Lola Caryles 12 Step Romance
  16. Love Latte and Mutants
  17. Paper Towns
  18. Moonlands
  19. Mary Hades
  20. Rank
  21. Bomb
  22. Neverland
  23. Rite and Rejection
  24. Perfect Timing
  25. A Magic Dark And Bright



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