Summer Reading Madness Challenge Information

Early this year I mention the Summer Reading Madness Challenge as well as another event which will have more details soon I’m conjuring up idea for both of these. I finally decided on dates and some challenges. I’m so excited to do this. I can’t wait for this summer so many things I want to do in the blogging community will be coming. This is by far my one of favorite events. I’m hoping to get his challenge spread around quickly and easy. The very first thing I will mention is the dates this is a long challenge with tons of things happening in between.  June 1st through July 31st will be the the whole challenge. I shouldn’t call it a challenge because its more of a chance to get you TBRs down low. Remember you can jump in any time stop at any time. There will be prizes for the people who read the most books. People who get there TBR down the most. The person who participates the most. Also weekly drawings too.

There is a few ways to participate in this one is one your blog, two is on goodreads in a group called the YA Lovers, three is through twitter.  If your participating on a blog please post you name and a link of the blog  so I could make a list. All you have to do for your blog is make  updates of what your reading and the challenges every week or ever often you want to. Just make sure you have everything updated July 31st. YA Lovers is a group there will be a link below and you will be posting the reviews for the challenges on there. Lastly is use twitter. If your participating on twitter use the #SummerReadingMadness to submit a review or stats for what you have read and accomplished.

The challenges will be announced soon. I will make a challenge list as well as the dates for them. Plus dates for 24 hour read-a-thons and  times for Sprints. Did I mention sprints there will be sprints going on twitter and the goodreads group. Use  #SummerReadingMadnessSprints to find someone to sprint with you. I will be announcing winners through my blog and twitter. Make sure your following me on twitter @OnceUpon15467743.

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