‘Strong’ Female Characters

Today was suppose to be an update for the Summer Reading Madness Challenge. Well that change. Yesterday I saw on goodreads someone trying to write a thesis and need weak female protagonists. So I’m going to give my opinion on it.

What makes a strong character in a sense that they don’t need anyone help? According to these comments a female who doesn’t depend on a male character. They were naming some of my favorite characters to read about. I didn’t comment on fear that I would start something about it.  It got me thinking a lot about what actually makes a strong character in this sense.

At one point or another everyone will end up depending on someone. Everyone needs someone in their lives. In most young adult novels it is a male counterpart. If you have someone who means the world to you like a best friend ,or a boyfriend ,a family member then you will become dependent in away that if they left you wouldn’t be the same. If caring too hard makes you weak then I’m weak.

Another point they made is these characters can’t effect the story line at all. So Celaena Sardothein or Clary Fray won’t effect the plot with their choices because they are supposedly weak characters. In City of Lost Souls when Jace was connected to Sebastian and a lot of people felt like giving up because it was unknown and there was no way. If Clary was like Bella she would have shut down. No she kept trying she went with them. She didn’t give up. She wanted to have her boyfriend back. Celaena is one character that I read that has been through so much in her life. To leave and learn how to train and then come back to defeat the power crazy king. That makes her weak because she loves Chaol. That makes her weak because she needed help from Rowan. I mean these characters didn’t effect the plot at all.

In today’s society people shape the concept that females are weak and need a man. They depend on a man. I’m here to say it’s okay to depend on people. That doesn’t make them the weak. It doesn’t make anyone weak. I wouldn’t even use dependent because they just need help from a guy.  The concept of needing help and being dependent to someone is merged together.

I needed a place to vent. What is your opinion on strong female characters? Or weak?


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