The Vampire Diaries T.V Talk #1

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see these three people? The Vampire Diaries? If you answer that then you haven’t been locked in a cage since 2009 and have been tuning in every Thursday night at 8:00 p.m eastern standard time for the past 6 seasons.  This show gets around a million views or more each episode and that’s in the U.S.  This show is really popular in the teenage world.  These are just facts, so why should you watch this show?

It came one year after Twilight did. Vampires were popular and was very hard to compete with. If your asking is this better than Twilight? Then I’m going to say yes it is. Sparkling Vampire?!! No way don’t get wrong the Twilight saga is amazing to read over and over again. Brings back so many good memories. So of course this had an average of 4 million views the first season. As Twilight died down so did this. Again I’m just saying facts and comparing the two. Yes there is two guys in the both of them trying to win the affection of the main character. Yes the main guys are cuter than Twilight’s 😉 Yes the story is more developed. Ooooo and this  one has a spin-off series called the Originals. Oh and the characters seem easier to relate to than Twilight. I’m not making fun of Twilight in any shape of form at all. I’m comparing. What makes this show so different and better than Twilight?

The Vampire Diaries follows teenage Elena Gilbert and two brothers Damon and Stephan Salvatore. Plus a monster size cast. The story line is so detailed and everything is connect like Once Upon A Time. There is vampires,werewolves,witches,hybrids, and vampires with witch magic. I’m trying to think how to explain everything without giving much away.

As I said it deals with a lot of things in this one series. There’s tons of drama,romance,villains. A perfect show to binge on over the summer. It will make you scream, shout, and even cry. It will leave you hanging. The first 5 season are on Netflix. Go now and watch them it took week to catch up on all the episodes.

Comment below or tweet me at @OnceUpo15467743 to tell me your favorite episode ,character, or even moment. Also if you want me to do a post on the Originals comment below. If there is anything else you want to see from me comment or tweet me.


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