Tainted by Peiri Ann


Title: Tainted (A Burdened Novel #2)
Author: Peiri Ann
Pages: 384
Publication Date: 12-19-2014
Summary: ” After a devastating confession from Nathan’s sister, Taylor. Tracey and Nathan can’t catch a break. 

Influenced by Roehl, Tracey fights against the pull he has on her and the love she has for Nathan. Brought a choice of being set free of a bond she finds is not as profound as she interpreted. Or continue to endure the burdens promised by being bound to her mate. Tracey may reconsider her choice in choosing Nathan. 

Just as everything finally seems to be looking up, Nathan and Tracey’s world is turned upside down when they embark on a suicide mission to rescue a friend. Old encounters resurface from someone who should have been destroyed long ago and new secrets are uncovered. Secrets that may have Nathan parting from Tracey in order to keep her and his mother safe.

Is Nathan and Tracey’s bond as lasting as originally implied. Or is it breakable, as Tracey is influenced to believe? Or will she stay resulting in him conceivably choosing not to be with her.”

My Review: I want to say thanks to Xpresso Book Tours and Netgalley for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is way better than the first one. I loved this book so much it was amazing. I need the third book now. As in the first book we follow Tracey more about her and the characters are in my review of the first book which will be linked below. This book had a fast start which was pleasantly surprising compared to the first. This was more developed into the world and just the right amount of detail to make it really good. At parts it did seem to drag, but other than that it was great.

In this book it deals with Tracey’s connection to Roehn. It also focuses more on Scott and Glen too. It had some serious plot twists that make you second guess yourself. I kinda figured something bad was going to happen, but it wasn’t predictable.  As the book goes on they experience some couple drama not to much to make it annoying. Which was nice. This book is based on a relationship,but more so the connection that they have as a couple. Besides them being bound and needing each other it’s sweet. They really love each other and they would do anything for one another.

As I said before in my first review the world is so develop and different. I never read about these creatures before. I love this world. The aspect about everything is great. I can’t wait to read the next book. I really which I knew why I waited this long to read this book. This is a 4.5 star book I would recommend it to people who love something different and a really great couple to follow.

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