A Glance At My Life #3

I’m sorry I didn’t have a post ready for yesterday I was going to write up a post, but I fell back into my procrastination slump. I only miss one day which makes me feel like I failed my goal of having a post up everyday. Have no fear I will get it next Monday. Anyways I have some cool things happening. The first one is I started a new blog called My Little Writing Corner.  That’s because I’m working on writing a book. I can’t say too much about it, but I can say that there isn’t anything like that out there. Its still in the early works meaning I’m outlining it. So head over there to check it out. Like I said on there I don’t know where it would be taking me, but I hope it takes me far.  With that being said I will have my hands full with both blogs. wpid-wp-1437072016629.jpeg


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