I been meaning to get to redesigning my blog for a long time and its really hard to do on wordpress without paying the money for the custom domain or I would. I know a lot of people want to make their sites look professional and classy, but still letting it show who they are. I really don’t get the html or the codes. I read and watch tons of tutorials and I’m still a clueless on everything.  Though I have figured out some things.  For example the theme I have lets you add social icons at the bottom of the screen and I did that. I also switch my sidebar up a lot. I made a Facebook page which I post everything I post on here on there.  There’s still so much I want to do with my blog. I’m working on custom images for weekly memes or just the plain old memes that I do on here.  I also made a signature and still want to do my own stars for my rating systems.  The website I been using has been Shabby Blogs  I will be taking a Web Design Class in 2016 which will help with the html and coding. This is just a something I wanted to get out there. I honestly hope to get a custom domain sometime, but for now it will just have to wait.



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