The New Kid on The Block #1

I don’t know how often I will be doing this, but basically I want to show case a new author whether he or she is self-published or traditionally published. I feel that its very important to do this because sometimes new authors have a hard time going. I love supporting authors because they give me books and without them I wouldn’t have anything to read.

The featured author:

Is Jenna Moreci her book Eve: The Awakening comes out August 12th and is amazing I will link my review at the bottom of this post as well as some other things that I will be talking about throughout this post. 


Jenna Moreci is a young adult/new adult author, vlogger extraordinaire, nerd-incognito, & alleged cyborg. She specializes in writing adorable, romantic goodness punctuated by moments of extreme violence and bloodshed. Her sanity is questionable.
Some of Jenna’s other talents include prolific cursing, spilling/dropping things, accidentally making people cry, and drawing

Where DID I FIND the Author:

I actually stumbled upon her YouTube channel while looking for writing tips. Her videos were funny and real. I highly recommend you to go watch them because they are funny and entertaining. She talked about her book a lot and that had me very intrigued in everything she said about it. As a person she seems really nice and funny and sometimes its nice to see how an author acts like John Green on the Vlog Brothers

Author’s Book:

I’m not going to put much about her book Eve:The Awakening on this post because I have a fun non-spoilerly review up. It comes out in exactly one week so like go check out my review then pre-order the book. I can’t say how much I loved it. She did an amazing job on it. This is her first book in this series so look out for more of her books.


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