Reading Plans?

Guys I have been super busy and haven’t been reading as much I was like. I don’t go on Goodreads as much I like. Then school is coming up in 25 days for me. I really want to read. Then I have so many different ARCs/review copies  from Netgalley its crazy.  I found the solution to this massive problem of mine. I’m going to have an A Crazy Review Copy Month marathon. I just came up with this title. I feel this will force me to read the my ARCs that I have on my Kindle so I can get my percentage up. You guys can join too. It will be from October 1st-31st. This would give time for the people who are in school  to get use to school and their new schedules. There will be more information about hashtags and other fun things in September. Look out for that. 🙂 So basically I will be reading ARCs/review copies and a few actual books for the next few months. I’m very excited for the next few things I have planned for my blog so be on the look out for fun things.


2 thoughts on “Reading Plans?

    • Thanks I have a lot of review copies so this is my chance to get the all read and I’m sure other people are in the same boat as I am.


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