Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Review

As you all know last week on Pretty Little Liars we found out who A was after 5 1/2 seasons. Now this review is going to have tons of spoilers in it. So if you haven’t watched this episode then go watch it. Then come back here and read my review about it.

In the first ten minutes of the show we found out who A is. Going into I was so pumped up. Then A turned around and it was Cece Drake. I sat there and was like okay she is just working for Charles. It took me about 10 minutes to expect that CeCe Drake is Charlotte who is Charles.

Throughout this show we were learning about Charles as a little kid and his past. You really get a since on how bad his childhood was. Then after a major misunderstanding he gets sent to Radley. One day his mom took him out saying he died. When he came back he was Charlotte.

Now I honestly really felt so bad for her through out the show. Her dad hated the fact that she was transgender. Everyone took her as a bad guy. It honestly she just wanted to have a family and know her brother and sister.

In one of the flashbacks we found out the she didn’t kill Mrs.D. This brought on the question who did? Who is after them this time around? Again everything will be connected to them. The next half the season will have them 5 years in the future. What did you think of the Summer finale?


2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Review

  1. I just started watching Pretty Little Liars in June and became hooked. I watched all 5 seasons in the space of 2 months and only had to wait for the last 2 episodes to be released.
    Honestly, I didn’t kniw who I expected to be A, but I definitely didn’t expect Cece who turned out to Charles O.o I thought they left a lot of unanswered questions at the end. Like everyone was heading off to college, we knew about the other girls but where did Hannah go? And what happened to all the guys, Toby, Ezra, Caleb?? And their parents?? Were they found locked in the basement? Did Jason and Alison’s father wake up?? And who did Alison marry because she wasn’t writing DiLaurentis on the teaching board either. I found it really weird to see them dressed up and looking that tad bit older too :p But I can’t wait to see what’s to come.
    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the finale 🙂


  2. I feel like I left out a lot of things, I thought there was more than this because I was on my mobile. Anyways I think the main thing is they didn’t have enough time to run the show as long as they would have liked to. Marlene King did an interview about it. Cece Drake has always been fishy from the very beginning no I didn’t think she was Charles. Another fishy character was Sarah. I feel that there is a lot of potential for the second half of season 6 and season 7.


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