Book Hangovers 101

You just finished one of the best books ever and you want more. There’s a few problems though to get that next best book. Either the book is a standalone, last book in a series, or the next book doesn’t come out for awhile, and maybe you don’t have the money to buy the next book. You’re still in awe no matter what book you try to start it doesn’t compare to the best book ever. This is a book hangover and everyone gets them once in their lifetime of reading books. Do you want to know how to get over it? Do you want to know more about it? Great you came to the right place everything you need to know about book hangovers is here.

We all know the cause of a book hangover. There is no way to tell when it’s going to happen it just does. This could also be known as a mourning period which typically comes after finishing a series. Either way it happens and most of the time it hits hard.

You finished the book and as a typical reader you want to move on to a next book, but you can’t find something as good as the book you just read. This is the very first step into a book hangover.  You have two very different choices the first one is continuing reading the book even it isn’t as good or you could take a break and let it soak in. I would normally choose the first one, but this one can lead you into a reading slump. Never force yourself to read because it takes the fun out of everything.  The second choice is the way to go because let’s you appreciate the book. Wait until you are ready to pick up another book in order to assure no reading slumps.

Now that we know how it starts and what it is you need to know the different types of a book hangover and what to do during it.  You just got done reading the best stand alone ever. Most likely you want more. It’s okay to yell at the book because you need to know just the little things. Have know fear to settle this book hangover read a book by that same author. Or find a book that has the similar sense to it. For series it’s not as easy because you have been with the characters for a certain amount of books. You love them and want them to be okay in the end. Most of all you want more of this series because it possibly can’t be over. Right?! This is know as a mourning period.  The best solution to this is sit there in shock with your mouth open. If you want yell about it. Let the tears come down you’re eyes. There is probably someone out there going through the same thing.

Thanks for reading the post feel free to leave a question. I will be doing a separate post about the ones waiting for a the next book. Is there any ideas you want me to do? Just comment below.


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