Blended Movie Review #1

I really wanted to see this movie when it came out sadly I didn’t get a chance too. Not too long ago it was on t.v on the one of our movie channels and we got to watch it. I don’t know about you, but I love all of Adam Sandler’s movies and they are always making me laugh. Some of them are have a deeper meaning and seeing him act you really get to see his personality and he seems like a great person. Drew Barrymore seems like a great person as well and I only saw one of her movies other than this one that was 50 First Dates oh my gosh I loved that movie so much.

The movie starts off with Sandler and Barrymore having a date both of them are single parents. Their friends set them up on a blind date and gets awkward quickly. After this date they go their separate ways. The eventually meet again and something happens which brings them together again. They really can’t stand each other at all. Spring break is coming up and both of them want to take their children on the best vacations ever. Having the chance to go to Africa both of them take it.

For me this movie is really realistic in the since that families probably go through the this all the time. Bringing a different parent with some siblings then you got a blended family. They kept it serious yet it was still funny. All the characters you can sympathize with and all the actors who played them really worked did a great job on doing it. I love how everything had a chain reaction that brought the two very different families closer together. There was so many different events that brought the characters out of their shells and into tons of development. This is a wonderful movie for a family movie night. I highly recommend.


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