Quarterly Goals #1

Guess what I’m doing today writing these Quarterly Goals down.  Cheyenne where did you get this idea? Well to answer that I got it from the lovely Jenna Moreci who is the author of Eve: The Awakening and if you still don’t know what book that is then where have you been? Do you live under the rock? I only make references to this book every so often which means its of some significance. Basically every quarter Jenna vlogs about the goals she completed and gives us her new goals. This method of doing things helps her so I’m pretty sure it could help me. Plus if I don’t complete them you guys can shame on the internet which I hope none of you would do. If you guys want more information on it look her up on YouTube or tweet her @jennamoreci.


  1. My first goal is the most important of them any of these work on a blogging schedule for November and the rest of the year. I have to get it going because November is my blog’s birthday so I need to get it planned. I do have one a couple posts planned. 
  2. The next goal of mine is to read 30 review copies of that I have on my kindle. I will be happy if I read more, but I have school and this seems like a reasonable amount.
  3. Write 10 pages of my one story that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I can always start small plus I have school.
  4. Get caught up on my classes this goal is important if you guys don’t know already my computer crashed for a week and I couldn’t do school.
  5. Complete my Marketing and Bio classes these two are mine self-paced which means I can complete them at anytime and I want them done before the New Year.
  6. Plan out my novel. I can’t really outline things really well, but this novel is one I been wanting to write forever and its the one story that will be precious with me. 
  7. Market my blog more. As you notice I did redesigned it and that is one step in this making it look a lot presentable. 
  8. Plan my first blogging event. I tried doing this before, but it fell through because I didn’t give enough time to plan it. 
  9. Get 100 followers I honestly want to get more followers and spread my blog, but I can’t do that if I don’t post frequently. That’s what I’m working on building my blog up. 
  10. Change my twitter handle I been meaning to do this forever. 
  11. Get my Goodread’s group update I also been meaning to do this forever as well. 
  12. Get my school room/ office/ reading room/ whatever you want to call it I’m tried of sitting in my room 24/7 need to get up and out.
  13. Make at least a couple blogging friends just because I don’t have any. This one forces me out in the open up.
  14. Get into a schedule so I don’t feel to overwhelmed.  

That’s all have for this quarter and it seems like a lot , but I have to get these things to do and then during the New Year I can come back and show you what I did and didn’t do and give you an update. I wish to complete most of these depending my schedule.



2 thoughts on “Quarterly Goals #1

  1. This is a good list of goals! Good luck with them all 🙂 I know you’ve already got plans for some of them 😛 Trying to promote your blog is so scary, so I hope that goes well!


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