A Glance At My Life #4

Well hello my lovely followers and whoever is currently reading this post I’m going to give you guys a quick update about my life. I’m going to say sorry for the lessening about of posts this week and maybe next week. I have the flu and I never really had it before so I’m saying its pretty bad. I been sleeping all day for the past 48 hours and will probably continue doing that for awhile. Tomorrow however I’m going to try to get some make up work done and little bit of reading done. Though most of my day will be consumed by sleeping and drinking lots of water so I don’t get dehydrated.  Hopefully I will start to feel better to soon. I did gain my appetite back a little bit which is great since yesterday I didn’t eat anything. I’m not dizzy anymore when I walk. So I guess I’m getting a little bit better, but not as better as I need to be to do things. Sleeping all day is no fun what so ever.  And as I’m writing this post I’m tired and can’t seem to sleep. Anyways how is your lives treating you? Hope you guys have a wonderful week and don’t catch any colds.


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