Introducing my Co-Blogger

Hello lovely followers as you may have known I been looking for a Co-Blogger. The best part about is I found one and her name is Victoria from Addlepates and Book Nerds!!! I’m so excited to have found a Co-Blogger and I think its going to be a great blogging year. I’m hoping that my blog will begin to spread and become bigger and better. I already redesigned it and I love how it turned out I’m working on some other things, but it will come together. Ops I realized I was rambling again.  To introduce her to Once Upon A Time A Review.

1.  What’s your favorite color? Something easy to get into. Let’s break the ice 🙂
     Purple or blue (it changes depending on my mood)
2. What’s your favorite genre of books to read? I would say book, but that’s like a hard question to answer.
     At the moment I’m in a romance mood; but again, it changes a lot
3.  Who are some of your auto buy authors?
    Marian Keyes is probably my number 1. I try my best not to buy too many books, I prefer to go to the library, and then it’s just what series I’m reading or what I’ve heard is good
4. Just because I’m curious what is your favorite Disney movie? For me I personally love all Disney movies expect a few which I won’t dare to mention.
 I love Disney so much!!! I can tell we’re going to get on 😛 If I had to choose a favourite, I’d have to go with some of the Pixar ones; Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, ones like that
5. What is the the book that got you into reading? I’m sure most of us have that one special book that thrown us into the whirlwind of reading.
When I was younger, my mum would read to me every second night before I went to bed (my dad and I played games on the other night). The book I requested/demanded the most was The Tale of Samuel Whiskers. And I guess I learned how to read that pretty fast, so my poor mum didn’t have to suffer through it any more times!
6.  If you watch t.v (some people don’t) what is that one show you love?
I’m really into Pretty Little Liars at the moment. I also love Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and have a guilty pleasure of watching reality tv…
7.  Name one book that you want to be seen turned into a movie and one for a television show?
Throne of Glass would be a great tv show; Celaena coming to life would be AMAZING. And I’m really excited for the Mortal Instruments! For movies, I want Red Rising. I think they could do it justice
8. What introduced you into the world of blogging?
 Goodreads! I used it to make TBR’s and do challenges, then I found everyone talking about their blogs. I was intrigued, and a year later I’m still here.
9. What’s your favorite part about blogging?
Finding people who agree with my opinions. Sometimes I say really controversial things, like going against books that everyone seems to love. Now that I have a blog, I’ve discovered a whole lot of people who agree with me!
10. In this co-blogging experience what do you hope to get out of it?
Obviously I’m hoping to get a new friend 🙂 I’m also looking forward to bouncing ideas of each other, I think it’ll improve both of our blogs when we’re getting new, original thoughts from the other person
That’s all my lovely followers. I’m sure if you want to find out more about Victoria go check out her blog where she posts regularly.

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