How to Interview an Author?

I think if you have an opportunity to interview an author you should do it. I’m pretty sure most people don’t get to interview anyone.  If you have a chance to interview a celebrity take the chance because you may never get to do it again. Asking questions to authors seems pretty nerve wracking, but its not that bad. I interviewed a few authors in my time and I shall give you some tips to score that interview with that author.

Tip number #1: Asking the author for the interview

I think this is probably the most fearful of them all between asking and getting one. No one wants that denial. Some fear that the author will reply rudely.  Authors shouldn’t reply rudely. I wish I could link the to the exact post on this blog, but I do have the link to the blog. On  Jenna Moreci’s blog Count Blogula , she answered someone’s question on why she takes the time to answer people’s questions when she could be writing again. Her response is golden and to me I think all authors feel this way and I’m sure most do, but there’s always going to be those people.  Another thing to keep in mind is authors are just people like you and I we shouldn’t be afraid of them. When asking for the interview ask nicely and let them know you understand if they are busy. I always let them know I understand.  No matter how much we want authors to be writing 24/7 they have lives too.  

Tip Number #2: Coming Up With Questions 

Once you get the interview come up with questions that fit that author. This will involve research, you want to become the authors internet stalker. This is suppose to be taken in the sense that you won’t take this to a creepy level.  When interviewing someone you have to be informed. Try your best not to ask questions that they answer all the time. This is one of the hardest parts too, but remember some questions can’t be avoided.  Also don’t ask questions that you can find out on your own.   That’s why you do research. Make the questions feel like you are talking to a brand new person and you’re getting to know them. This is key because the questions won’t feel bland. Put your personality  into them this is what makes it original.

Tip Number #3: Being Prompt 

This is very important let the authors know when you are sending the questions out. Make sure you do it as soon as possible because you might forget to do it. This seems like this is easy step, but its one of the most important. Your word is very important when working with other people. If you can’t get out right away then let them know. The person might not want to work with you ever again. 

Tip Number #4: Time Limits

When asking for the interview you should say when you want to post the interview. You need to be understanding with them. Do not send them messages everyday because they haven’t send you back the answer interview questions back. I would get to angry at someone who would do this. Authors don’t have to do the interview show them the same respect you would show anyone else.  People aren’t always going to do things right away. If you want a good interview with great answers cut them slack. I would only message them if its almost time for the post to go live. They might have forgotten in this case.  Don’t be rude when sending this email or however you are in contact with them show them kindness. 


Here are my tips. Getting Interviews isn’t an exact science you just have to ask. I’m just giving you a few tips that might be helpful. No matter what be kind to the author and show you understand. I do this to everyone, because I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing them to do something. I also use please and thank you all the time its just habit that I picked up. I hope this helps you guys. Any questions please feel free to ask. Remember to keep looking for you Once Upon A Time.



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