Happy Birthday !!!!!!

Guys its been a year since I started this Blog. I started blogging on blogger in April, but then switch to wordpress. Where Once Upon A Time A Review blossomed into my beautiful blog. I can’t believe its been year since I started working on WordPress. I’m hoping this next year will go amazing for me and my co-blogger. I have so many different things planned for my blog this year. I can’t wait to do everything.

Let’s go take a look through my stats during this year. Since I started my blog with 2 months left in the year I got 297 views in 2014. I think that’s pretty good. This year I have 1,059 views!!! That’s really good and everything, but it could have been a lot of better. I’m starting to post more on a schedule and putting out posts everyday. I also got a co-blogger who is going to help me with my blog. There’s going to be some great content in the next year. I have 81 followers combined with Bloglovin and WordPress. Which I’m so happy about. On twitter I have 37 followers. That’s a combining of 118 followers. I can’t grasp the fact that this many people read my blog regularly. It makes me so happy.

I’m planning to make Once Upon A Time A Review grow bigger. I’m content with this amount of followers and everything, but I want it to grow. If it takes awhile to do that, I’m fine with that. I love blogging and reading. I don’t think that will ever change.

Now let me get to the fun things. Victoria and I are hosting giveaway to celebrate my blogs birthday!!! There’s going to be two random winners on my blog and I’m giving away the following books in ebook form. They are taking up room and I want to pass them along to someone who will enjoy them as much I have.

Cheyenne’s Giveaway Books


Enter the giveaway here: a Rafflecopter giveaway


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday !!!!!!

    • I’m actually working on that life is a little busy, but I should have a couple of reviews up soon. I’m definitely planning on reviewing more books. I’m getting super organized and in a place where I can get reviews as well as discussion posts up as often as I can. Thanks so much for commenting it means so much to me that people actually read my blog. 🙂


  1. Hello 🙂 I entered the giveaway and now I will comment 🙂
    I really love your background and I am so happy for you that this is one!
    I really dont follow blogs much but maybe have some games?


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