It’s The End of the Year Read-A-Thon 2015



I’m so excited for the read-a-thon this year. This is our second annual It’s the End of the Year Read-A-Thon. To sign up all you have to do is make a post or video(if your a booktuber) and comment that on Sarah’s blog. The Read-A-Thon officially starts Christmas Day and goes to New Years Eve. Like last year we have several different challenges that last the whole read-a-thon as well as some games/ discussion posts that will be up every single day. I will also be giving away an ebook which ebook will be announced soon.


Read-A-Thon Challenges

– Read a Red or Green Coloured Book
– Read a Book That You Meant Yo Read All Year
– Read A Sequel
– Finish A Series
– Read a Total of 4 Books

Daily Game Schedule

25th – Sarah – Your TBR
26th – Cheyenne – Bookmas Tree (Create a tree out of books and upload your photo / video etc.)
27th – Jayne – Spell Out That Christmas Word with Books
28th – Sarah – Top 16 Releases You Are Looking Forward To in 2016
29th – Cheyenne – Top 15 Books of 2015
30th – Jayne – Least Favourite Books of 2015
31st – Sarah – Read-A-Thon Wrap Up! 


The days highlighted in pink are the days that I’m hosting. Sarah is in purple I already linked her blog above. Jayne will be hosting the days in blue and her blog is here.  Don’t forget to come join the goodreads group to meet people and see what everyone is doing. Also more information will come out on the twitter account which is @Read_Endof2015. Despite only hosting two days I’m going to be participating in everything this year. Are you participating? What game are you most excited for?




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