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One of things I wanted to do is start a sort of a discussion post series talking about my favorite things. I have 6 favorite posts planed so far and I would to have feedback on what you want to see so comment below to do that. Well as the title states I will be talking about my favorite YA bloggers these are the blogs that I really enjoy reading. Disclaimers all of these are my own opinion you may like different blogs. I do however recommend them so  you should go check them out.

1. Princessica of Books is one my top blogs. I read all the new posts that Jess has. My favorite part of her blog is her discussion posts she talks about relevant topics in the bookish community. Not only that I talked her through the comments of my blog and she’s  really nice.

2. A Perfection Called Books is another of the blogs that I read pretty frequently. I love her discussion posts. I try not to read reviews unless if I have read the book. I also love her design of the website it’s really nice. I talked to Rachel in our Goodreads group and she’s really nice, but her co-bloggers seem really nice too, I can’t say thought because I never really had a conversation with them before.

3. Chasing Faerytales, Mishma is one of the co-bloggers from A Perfection Called Books and I really enjoy reading her blog with her co-blogger Jillian I love the set up of her blog and her posts just grab in like all of the blogs. Again the design is beautiful and fits the blog. My favorite part of her blog is the Fairytales Report I love reading these types of posts.

4.  One Night Book Stand is one of those blogs  I love reading, but don’t read as often as I should. Kaitlyn’s posts are really nice and well written. My favorite part of her blog is reading her Waiting on Wednesdays as well as the Top Ten Tuesdays.

5. My Addiction: Books is my last blog I will be talking about today. Cari is super sweet I talked to her on Goodread’s and I love reading her and her co-blogger, Hailey’s posts.

So there you have my favorite YA blogs that I read on a weekly basis. I do read my lovely co-blogger’s blog, but I didn’t want to mention it because I didn’t think that would be fair, but Victoria does have a nice blog. Again all of these are my opinions. What is your favorite blogs?



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