Body Positivty

I don’t like being personal online for many different reasons mostly because of privacy, but I just feel like I have to right this post just to vent. I don’t want any hate I’m not trying to bringing attention to myself at all I just feel really crappy after hearing about a second part to this particular video. Stupid me I gave this person another view.

The first part  of this video came out around July of 2015 and now there is a second part. It deals with fat shaming and I think the large idea that body shamming doesn’t exist. That fat people are disgusting. Body shamming does exist and targeting a certain body size is wrong. The biggest factor is that you don’t know what other people’s situations are. For all you know the person could be skinny and have self-esteem issues and think they’re fat.

No one is saying  being overweight is healthy for them because its not. No one else has to remind us that we’re overweight. There is no need to rub it in our faces because we know we don’t look like the perfect image. It’s already bad enough that we have people calling us horrible things everyday we don’t need more of it. This isn’t motivation if anything its throwing people into eating disorders to become the way society is telling us should be.

I’m overweight and I have to lose a lot of weight. I have horrible self-esteem issues. I hate going out in public because I feel like people are watching me through the story. If I go clothes shopping I feel like people are judging me for looking at certain clothes. I hate trying on clothes because I know it won’t fit me. I hate going out to eat because it feels like people are judging me for what I want to eat. Going exercising is awful not because its hard or anything, but because I feel like people are staring at me thinking so many different things. Being overweight sucks not only because its unhealthy, but because people ridicule you something fierce.

When watching this type of thing and looking at the mean comments I feel horrible about myself. I just want to curl into a little ball and cry, but that isn’t going to change anything. I’m trying to change myself so I can get healthy and no should have to feel like they have to change themselves for anyone, but themselves.

Blogging in a lot of ways helps because no one can judge me for the way I look only how the way I act or sound. I can make friends who don’t have to see the way I look in real life and I know that sounds horrible. Reading helps in so many ways because I can make so many friends and learn their stories fall in love with fictional boys. In real life I don’t have a whole a lot friend and I’m single. This also helps with my anxiety. I’m not trying to gain attention to myself, but more so the cause about loving yourself through the rough times that we don’t be what society wants us to be.

There is so much that can be said that I want to say about this topic, but I don’t want this post to be too long. Tell me your thoughts if you like more serious topics like this.





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