Where Have I Been!!!

As most of you guys probably know I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I have a good excuse for why too. I’m moving my blog to Blogger. That was always my plan to move it back to blogger. Not to mention I have horrible issues with wordpress.  So these past few months I been working on planning and redesigning my blog. I really want to make my blog better to show growth.

What’s in store for Once Upon A Time A Review? I am combining reading and writing. I will be posting way more frequently. I’m exploring different types of posts to put on a blog. I just not want to show the growth from where I came from, but show that I’m still growing as reader and writer. My blogs new debut will be on June 1st 2016 so I would love to see you guys come follow me on my journey.

I’m also doing a Q+A and need some questions so you can comment on here, Facebook, or even Tweet me. I will let you know when the post goes live so you can see if I answered your question. Here is the new link for Once Upon A Time A Reivew .



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