Where Have I Been!!!

As most of you guys probably know I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I have a good excuse for why too. I’m moving my blog to Blogger. That was always my plan to move it back to blogger. Not to mention I have horrible issues with wordpress.  So these past few months I been working on planning and redesigning my blog. I really want to make my blog better to show growth.

What’s in store for Once Upon A Time A Review? I am combining reading and writing. I will be posting way more frequently. I’m exploring different types of posts to put on a blog. I just not want to show the growth from where I came from, but show that I’m still growing as reader and writer. My blogs new debut will be on June 1st 2016 so I would love to see you guys come follow me on my journey.

I’m also doing a Q+A and need some questions so you can comment on here, Facebook, or even Tweet me. I will let you know when the post goes live so you can see if I answered your question. Here is the new link for Once Upon A Time A Reivew .



Body Positivty

I don’t like being personal online for many different reasons mostly because of privacy, but I just feel like I have to right this post just to vent. I don’t want any hate I’m not trying to bringing attention to myself at all I just feel really crappy after hearing about a second part to this particular video. Stupid me I gave this person another view.

The first part  of this video came out around July of 2015 and now there is a second part. It deals with fat shaming and I think the large idea that body shamming doesn’t exist. That fat people are disgusting. Body shamming does exist and targeting a certain body size is wrong. The biggest factor is that you don’t know what other people’s situations are. For all you know the person could be skinny and have self-esteem issues and think they’re fat.

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Favorite YA Bloggers

BLOG on speech bubble price labels

One of things I wanted to do is start a sort of a discussion post series talking about my favorite things. I have 6 favorite posts planed so far and I would to have feedback on what you want to see so comment below to do that. Well as the title states I will be talking about my favorite YA bloggers these are the blogs that I really enjoy reading. Disclaimers all of these are my own opinion you may like different blogs. I do however recommend them so  you should go check them out.

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Where Have I Been?!

Hi guys it has been forever since I wrote blog post and not by choice either. So basically WordPress crashed on my school’s laptop, and then my laptop crashed. Anyways I got a late Christmas present which was a hot pink laptop and I’m so thankful that parents bought me this. I’m hoping this last’s me a long time. This means I will be posting a lot more and I can’t wait.


Reading and Blogging Goals for 2016

Happy New Years!!! It’s that time of year where everyone is making blogging and reading goals for the 2016. I think I did pretty good last year, but I can do a lot better in so many different areas. I really need to step up my game because I know my blog can become so much more. I’m super excited for this year and I can’t wait to make it the best year for me.


  1. I think the biggest thing I need to do is PLAN and SCHEDULE AHEAD. I tried working on that last year and I did well, but then I stopped and started over and over again. I know my views can be so much better than 1,356 for a whole year a lot of the other bloggers get way much more than that in a month. That’s mostly because they have posts consistently. I know if I can get more posts this year than I’m sure my view count will go up.
  2. This goes with my first goal/ improvement and that is to market my blog more. I was doing that for awhile I then stopped, but I really need to start doing this again. This will help me get more views and more followers. I’m also going to include commenting on other blogs with this goal because in way its marketing.
  3. I really want to get at least 100 wordpress followers. I do have around 120 followers on combined with wordpress, twitter, and bloglovin. Again I need to produce more content and market more to achieve this goal.


  1. I didn’t read much last year I think I honestly burnt myself out the previous year by reading 200 books. My goodreads goal for 2016 is 110 books.  I do think this is reasonable and achievable. I have a feeling it will go well and I might just have to bump it up.
  2. I really want to get my Netgalley percentage up to 80.  I just have a lot of arcs/ review copies that I need to read. I want to read at least 5 a month which I think is a reasonable amount.
  3. Another thing is I want to read a classic a month. There’s tons of classics out there and I need to put myself out of that comfort zone and read some.
  4. I also need to start reading more of the ebooks on my Kindle that’s the main reason I got it. I haven’t read many ebooks on there sadly.
  5. One of my last reading goals is to start/finish at least 10 series throughout the year of 2016. There’s so many I want to read, but I’m being realistic.
  6. My very last reading reading goal of is to complete the 2016 pop-sugar challenge. They have 50 different challenges that you complete throughout the year. For more information about this challenge click here.

So there you have my 2016 reading and blogging goals. What are your reading and blogging goals of 2016? Are you excited for 2016? I hope everyone has a wonderful year and I will talk you to you guys in my next post.


Day 5: Top 15 Books of 2015

Welcome to Day 5 of It’s the End of the Year Read-A-Thon 2015 and today is hosted my me. I didn’t read much this year at all. I think I read so much in 2014 and I think I got burned out honestly. I’m really hoping that 2016 will be a really good year for me. Despite all this I did read some pretty good books and some pretty bad books here are my top 15 books of 2015. Or I will try to name 15.


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Day 2: Book Christmas Tree

Hi guys and welcome to day 2!!!! Today I’m the lovely host of the this fun game. Basically all you have to do is make a tree out of books. After that you can show us in a video or picture. Don’t forget to show me your beautiful trees because I would love to see how you did yours. Now please forgive mine. I wasn’t really sure how to do this honestly, but I did do my best.



So you saw my book Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy today’s game. Did you participate today? How you guys doing so far? I hope everyone is staying safe and having some wonderful Holidays.